Dr. Jason H. Collins

Dr. Jason H. Collins, founder of The Pregnancy Institute, is the preeminent expert in the world on umbilical cord accidents. Based on his research he believes simple cord compressions account for a large portion of stillbirths said to be due to "indeterminable reasons".  Dr. Collins has spent his career studying the role played by umbilical cords in stillbirths. We hope other members of the medical community will put his research to the test.

We believe Dr. Collins is close to a breakthrough that will make it possible to cut the number of stillbirths by one half through the expanded use of fetal heartbeat monitoring at home. The Internet has made such monitoring possible in real time.  Dr. Collins has demonstrated that real time home fetal heartbeat monitoring can spot incipient stillbirths before they progress to fetal demise.

As with everything else, it will take money to expand the program to more high risk women. 1st Breath is in the process of raising funds to help provide the equipment that can be used at home and monitored daily by Dr. Collins organization.  If you are interested in supporting or participating in this program please email us at info@1stBreath.org.


Silent Risk
     by Dr. Jason H. Collins



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