1st Breath's headquarters has been relocated from the midwest to the east coast.  Unfortunately our web input volunteer is no longer near us and has not been able to update all the activities and happening of 1st Breath.  We are very blessed to have the strong support of the community and cities where we are now located in addition to all the communities and parents that we have worked with across our nation.  Leland NC has provided many resources and has established a 1st Breath Baby Loss Memorial Garden in the park at Town Hall.  They and Wilmington NC continue to provide proclamations in honor of our babies.  We continue to support families and hospitals, provide Cuddle Cots and Compassionate Care Kits, as well as educate and advocate about stillbirth and potential risk reductions. We love to connect others with appropriate resources and will continue to expand our effort in the USA.  Most of all, we will continue the fight against stillbirth by providing awareness, advocacy, research, resources, support and continue efforts to reduce the risk and prevent future stillbirths.

March 2013

The movie "Return To Zero" has been completed and accepted into films festivals.  1st Breath has been blessed in communications with the director Sean Hanish and his staff and will be listed in the film credits under "Special Thanks To".  We have a number of members that were able to help fund the film and have their stillborn baby listed in the credits under "In Memory Of."  You may see the movie details at www.ReturnToZeroTheMovie.com

The trailer for the new documentary STILL has been released.  You may view it at this link STILL.

Our CEO Pat Flynn becomes one of the national Safe To Sleep Champions.

February 2013

The national campaign now has an official name and logo.  It is ASAP - Actions for Stillbirth Awareness and Prevention.  The logo is great and we appreciate all who worked so hard to create and design.

Federal legislation has once again been submitted to the Senate and House for data gathering pertaining to stillbirth, SIDS and early infant deaths.

January 2013

1st Breath CEO will be meeting with other core leaders of the national Stillbirth Awareness Campaign in Baltimore, MD.

1st Breath is planning meetings with District of Columbia Councilmembers to educate them on the need for Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth, disposition rights, and allowing one time tax deductions for bereaved parents of stillborn babies in DC.

Finishing out 2012

~ 1st Breath becomes one of the four core organizations to develop and kick off a national Stillbirth Awareness Campaign in the United States

~ 1st Breath works with researchers, ISA & ISPID to develop a Stillbirth Research Registry.  This registry will allow researchers to share research that pertains to stillbirth.  It will make it possible for anyone to look up information from past research or to learn what research is currently being worked on or looking for survey participants.

October 2012

~ 1st Breath joins with Sam's Pond for Remembrance Day Event in Kansas City, MO.  The event will be held Saturday, Oct 13th at the J.C. Nichols fountain on the Country Club Plaza.  

~ 1st Breath participates in ISA 2012 annual meeting.  !st Breath CEO Pat Flynn will be ending her term as ISA Board Treasurer.

~ 1st Breath participates in the 2012 International Stillbirth, SIDS and Infant Survival conference in Baltimore, MD.  1st Breath volunteers made Remembrance pins that were given to each parent attending the International Conference.  It was an outstanding way to make it easier for researchers to seek out parents to gain information and knowledge that isn't available to them any other way.  Our intention of providing support to parents while accelerating and promoting research pertaining to infant death was successful.

~ 1st Breath CEO Pat Flynn helped plan the International Remembrance Event held at the conference in Baltimore, MD.  She and the Vice President met with families.  Pat closed the ceremony with an Irish blessing.

~ 1st Breath assisted with and provided support in the Oasis Room at the International Conference.  The Oasis room was a quiet place for bereaved parents to reflect, share and receive compassionate grief support. After hours networking opportunities also took place in the Oasis Room.

March 2012

~1st Breath provides information/literature for the Loss Doulas International workshop held in St. Petersburg, IL  CEO Pat Flynn presents and works with students at the 3+ day workshop. Loss Doulas International is the leader in Certifying Loss Doulas dealing with miscarriage, stillbirth, and early infant deaths.

December 2011

1st Breath relocated to a larger office. The new area includes area and equipment for training and seminars.  Thank you to the group of teens who volunteered and did such a great job of getting us moved quickly and efficiently.

October 2011

~ The city of Kansas City MO proclaims Oct 15th as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day in honor of 1st Breath

~Remembrance Day activities were held in Kansas City at the Jose Pepper's Restaurant followed by a balloon release for our babies who left too soon.

~ 1st Breath joins with other organizations in participating and presenting at the Stillbirth Summit in Minneapolis, MN

June 2011

~1st Breath CEO Pat Flynn becomes International Stillbirth Alliance Board Treasurer

November 2010

~1st Breath CEO is elected to represent parents of stillborns as a board member for the International Stillbirth Alliance.  ISA is an international coalition of organizations dedicated to raising awareness, facilitating research and sharing information about stillbirth causes, prevention and bereavement. 

October 2010

~Remembrance Day activities were held in Kansas City at the Olive Garden Restaurant followed by a balloon release for our babies who left too soon.

June 2010

~International Society for the Study and Prevention of Perinatal and Infant Death (ISPID) Stillbirth Group met in Chicago to work on stillbirth information development for the international website.

March 2010

~The organizational meeting for the National Umbilical Cord Issues (NUCI) group was held in Baton Rouge LA.  Dr. Jason Collins presented a wealth of information that will assist the committee in providing awareness.  Thank you to Star Legacy for sponsoring this meeting.

Oct 2009:

~Remembrance Day activities were held for families and friends.

~Heartland Church of Christ in Kansas City, MO held a Remembrance Day service for families who have lost a child.  Thank you to Todd Traux for a special sermon and to the Heartland members for reaching out to these families.

March 2009:

~1st Breath met with the Washington DC Council Chairman’s and Health Committee Chairman's staff and would like to thank Monica Fleischman of DC for joining us and sharing her story. 
If you are a parent of a baby who was stillborn in DC please contact us to see how you can help get your baby’s birth acknowledged.

~1st Breath sponsored a volunteer and a nurse to participate in the Peer Grief Support training that was held on March 23 at Embassy Suites at the Pavillion in Washington DC. Training was facilitated by Sherokee isle who is the author of "Empty Arms". 

~1st Breath members and sponsored guest participated in the Stillbirth, SIDS and SUID Symposium held in Washington DC on March 24th.

~1st Breath co-sponsored and members participated in the "Day on the Hill" held March 25th to bring awareness of stillbirth and early infant death to legislators at our nations capital.